Dantec Industries (2011) Ltd. ; "A manufacturer of PVC profiles".


Dantech Industries produces plastic profiles with extrusion technology from several raw materials and polymers, mainly from rigid PVC compounds. The profiles with weight tolerance between 50 gr' to 3 kg per meter in several shapes, forming (e.g. hollow, foaming etc.) and with any required color.

Dantech Industries Has an in-house tooling division. With a very experienced R&D department provide our customers fast, creative and professional solutions.


Dantech Industries produces and sale profiles and accessories for the following applications and markets:

  • Construction material market – Blinds and roll shutters, profiles for flooring and tiling, protection profiles for plaster and dry walls and etc.
  • Electro-Installation market – Trunking and cable ducts for electric cable and communication wires distributing and protection. Ducts for air-conditioning pipes and cable installation. Rigid and pliable pipes for electric cable and communication wires distributing and protection.
  • Agriculture and Gardening market – Hydroponic, NFT (Nutrient film technique) and soilless cultivation canals and gutters. Green houses structure profiles, Animals feeding systems and etc.
  • Components for Industrial – Profiles for Shelving, signs, packaging, products protection, framing, furniture, doors, trollies and etc.


Dantech Industries implement and certified according the quality management standard; ISO 9001-2008.

All departments and employees train and qualified for the organization quality assurance policy.

Dantech Industries products produced and approved according the relevant product's international standards.


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