Dantech Industries


Dantech Industries (2011) Ltd. produce plastic profiles by using extrusion process with various materials and shapes, from 50 gram to 3 Kg per meter profile and more.

With an in-house tool making division and an experienced R&D department, Dantech Industries are able to provide its customers fast, cost efficient and flexible product development services.

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Quality Assurance Management

Dantech Industries’ quality assurance system is implemented and certified according to ISO9001-2015 and is able to assure its customers the consistent quality of their products and services.

Our organization’s employees and managers are qualified to fulfill these QA system requirements and are obligated to them. The company is committed to the health and safety of its employees while strictly abiding to Labor Laws.

Where required, all of Dantech’s products are certified according to international standards.


Dantech was founded in 1965 at Kibbutz Dan in Israeli’s northern district of the Upper-Galilee as DANPAL. In 1999 the factory moved to the nearby city, called Kiryat-Shmona, and was named Dantech Plast.

During 2011, Dantech Industries was established by new owners after merging 3 similar companies, combining 35 years of experience in the plastic and extrusion industry, tripling the factory capacity.

Today, Dantech Industries is the largest plastic profiles producer in Israel. Its employees are from all religions, genders, ages, employees with special needs, as well as employees in the organization for 30-40 years.

Fields of activities and applications

Dantech Industries produces and sells plastic profiles and their accessories for the following fields of applications:

DANTECHAGRO – Soil-less, Hydroponic and NFT growing systems gutters, cover film and net clipping, livestock feeding, pressure pipes and risers, packaging profiles etc.

Technical construction profiles – Edging and trimming profiles for tiling, plaster and drywall protection corners, concrete molding profiles, spacers and height adjustment profiles etc.

Facades – Roll shutters and blinds, sidings, partitions and their accessories.

Electro-installation and protection – Cable ducts and trunkings, Rigid and Flexible conduits, AC installation ducts, infrastructure applications etc.

Decoration and finishing profiles – Skirting and panels, ceilings and wall cladding, various geometric shape profiles etc.

Custom and OEM profiles – Storage and shelving, framing and signings, furniture and technical profiles, refrigerators and AC industry etc.

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