.Cable Ducts

Products for Electricity and communications cables.

Varying degrees of effort:

Light effort-L

Medium effort-M

Heavy effort-H

Temperature resistant 30°-70°



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 . Rigid Conduit

.Pipelines for electrical and communication cables 

 Rigid pipe (Mriron) Standard EN / IEC PVC Pipe Level L / M,

rigid pipeline with saving of connecting fittings.


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Electrical protection.

A Yellow Plate to mark and cover cable in the ground.

come in two differnt width 200&300 both are 1 meter long.


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Roller Blinds.

Exterior, energy-saving shutters provide year-round protection against summer heat and glare, rain, dust. winter cold and storm damage.


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.Agriculture and Gardening Profiles


Agriculture and Gardening Profiles 

Standing system for growing strawberry -PVC 110&210

Channels for growing lettuce

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